Child Sponsorship | $100/mo ($1,200/year)

Tuition, school fees, uniform and daily needs are met with nutritious meals, a warm bed, and a place to call home. Relationships are built between child and sponsor by sharing stories and words of love and encouragement through letter writing. Annually, we will deliver your letters and photos and the children will share their words of thanks and gratitude.

Medical Sponsorship | $645/year

Childhood health affects adulthood. In Kenya, free medicine is not available and poor families often go without treatment when they are ill. Over 30% of children under five are stunted and more than 15% underweight. Common diseases also take their toll on the health of children, lowering their ability to do well in school and make a living later on. Thank goodness for MACHAO. We make sure that our children receive what they need when they become ill. For about $15/child or $645/year, we can make sure that MACHAO’s children’s medical needs are satisfied.