General Fund

In addition to our sustainability project (The MACHAO Homes) and the Education Project, the children are in need of hygiene items (i.e., new bedding, mosquito nets, sanitary napkins, etc) and/or the property is always in need of repair (i.e., painting, repairing roofs, new chairs, etc). By donating to the general fund, we will put the money to the most need at the time. As always, thank you for your support.

The MACHAO HOMES (80/8/8 by 2020 Project)

There are currently 43 children living in dormitories at MACHAO. We would like to double the number of orphans to care for. Based on the holistic model of the Nyumbani Village, our goal is to house 80 children, in 8 homes, with 8 grandparents by 2020. Your money will help make this desire a reality for the orphans in waiting.

Education Project

All children at MACHAO attend school. Your support towards their tuition and school fees guarantees their future. Unfortunately, only 3 out of 43 children are sponsored. Until all the children are sponsored, we must request donations for tuition and school fees The cost for tuition is $5,300 per term for all the children. There are 3 terms per school year so the total to send all 43 children to school is only $15,900 per year.