Without family or home, a Kenyan orphan is often destined for a life that leaves them vulnerable and uneducated. A hungry, impoverished, and seemingly hopeless life.

In 2005, we responded to an immediate need – to house the original 13 children and many that were on the waiting list. By 2009, we built the dorms, latrines and bath houses. In 2010, we provided clean water thanks to Living Water International; 2011 we put in a solar panel; 2013 we built a greenhouse and chicken coop; and 2014-2016, we put in solar irrigation and a couple of more solar panels. Now we have a chance to strategically take care of more orphans and be sustainable and economically self-reliant – with your assistance.

What would it look like to help these vulnerable
children and those on the waiting list?

This birthed The Machao Orphanage Foundation, turning homelessness into hope!

But we can't tell this story without the dedicated support of our donors.

This is a story of hope!