MACHAO Volunteer Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities at The Machao Orphanage Foundation. Please complete the following Volunteer Interest Form as completely as possible. If you would like to fill in the pdf version of this form, click here. Once you have downloaded the pdf version you can fill in the form, save it and return it as an email attachment to

Note that completing this form does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer. Please DO NOT purchase a plane ticket until you have received formal notification of acceptance.


THE MACHAO ORPHANAGE:  Depending on the job, The Machao Orphanage requires a minimum commitment of 6 months to two (2) years.
Check the job position you are interested in:
:   Please explain why you wish to volunteer at The Machao Orphanage. Include: 1) any prior volunteer experience you have had; 2) special skills, abilities and/or interests; and 3) your ability to live in a foreign country and interact with people who are different from you.