Sponsor A Child
Sponsor A Child

Become the difference in a child’s life by becoming a sponsor and be the Power of One. Contact us via telephone at: 818.377.5120 or via email at: info@machaoorphanage.org

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There are now 42 children at the orphanage and only one is being sponsored. We desperately need your help. The cost is $1,200.00 per year until your child graduates from Form 4 (US Equivalent = Grade 12). Do you have twelve friends who are each willing to give $100.00? If so, then you could adopt a child. If you can all agree to do this yearly, until your child graduates from secondary school, then you have just made a difference in a child’s life. If you belong to a bible study, sorority or fraternity, a book club or knitting club, consider adopting a child as a group. Please answer the call and make a difference in a child’s life.
Two New Residents at Machao Orphanage

Mwikali Nganza (age 6) and Mwende Nganza (age 11), sisters from Mombasa, became new residents of Machao. Here’s their story, as told by Dr. Joseph Mutunga:

“The parents of these children were killed by an angry elephant which was caught with an electric cable which was tied to a tree by poachers. When the elephant was caught, it struggled with the tree till it brought it down, dragging it along as it went about and any home it found it had to destroy.

This fatal night, the parents of these two girls were sleeping in their house when this elephant passed though their house, picking the father and the mother and throwing them into the air to their death. The older girl (Mwende) who was in bed with her little sister (Mwikali), got hold of her younger sister, dived under the bed as the elephant passed through their house, and miraculously these two children cheated the death that way.

It happened that we have our friends in that area and also some other children from there are part of the Machao family. So when I learnt about this, I sent for these children to be brought to Machao so that we can take care of them simply because, Mwende now acts as the mother of her sister.”


You can be the difference in
a child's life!

To sponsor these two siblings or any of the remaining 41 children who are not sponsored, call us at: 818.377.5120
or email us at:

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