FUNdraising Events

Spotlight:  The Country School, North Hollywood, CA
Country SchoolIn October 2011, Dr. Rowley and Bella Aptekar came to our school and did a presentation about the Machao Orphanage. Our students were deeply moved. They were suddenly struck with the fact that there were children, their age, for who the simplest everyday articles were very special. When the idea of donating boys' suits came up, one of our students realized he had suits that he had outgrown that were just taking up space in his closet. He said that in that moment he realized something that meant so little to him could be a special gift for a boy in another part of the world. Many of our children have braces and go to an orthodontist. It was a revelation that a simple thing like a toothbrush could be an important personal possession. Our kids took the meeting to heart and asked their dentists for help. We received bundles of toothbrushes and sample tubes of toothpaste that were sent to the Machao Orphanage last year. As a teacher, I was very pleased to see how sensitive and caring our students could be. We are hoping to redouble our efforts this year and to continue to do what we can to help. I am happy that my students realize, it’s just the right thing to do. (Written by Leon Martell, teacher at The Country School). star end

Spotlight:  Lt. Phlunte Riddle and The Machao Benefit Concert - Ambassador Auditorium
At the Machao Benefit Concert held in August 2012 at the Ambassador Auditorium, Sebastian Hart, from Machao Team 2012, talked about his life-changing experience in Kenya; the Consulate General of Kenya, Dr. Wenwa Akinyi Odinga Oranga, spoke about her country's challenges; and the director of the Machao Orphanage Foundation, Dr. Carolyn Rowley, rounded out the evening with her thoughts of gratitude and a call to action. The Lake Avenue Community Foundation also presented a check to Dr. Rowley for a purchase of a cow. Lt. Riddle, the night's host, also weighed in on the importance of the community's efforts to support those in need. On Saturday, November 18, 2012, Lt. Riddle, Chief of the Pasadena Police Department and Mr. Tobias, presented Dr. Rowley with a check to complete Phase IV. star end

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volunteer pics
Spotlight: Volunteer Day, July 4 2012

Top left: Karla Carcamo (Volunteer of the Year) and her family

Bottom left: Linda and Lorraine

Top right: Machao’s Kids Helping Kids (Zoe and Brooke)

Bottom left: Donations
Thank Youvolunteer pics