Long Term / Short Term Missions
Machao's Kids Helping Kids Team (ages 14 - 17)
Machao's Kids Helping Kids Team was created in 2011 to allow the youth of America to use their talents to “speak up for those with NO voice.” Empowering our youth NOW means change for today and tomorrow! If your student or child would be interested in helping the children of Machao, our next Kids Helping Kids Team will depart July - August, 2013.

Requirements: 3 Recommendations (2 from teachers, 1 from minister/pastor/rabbi/employer/family friend); Passport (with more than 1 year until expiration); Application; and Essay describing why they desire to join Machao's Kids Helping Kids Team and describing their special talent. Please submit materials describing your special talent (copies only - they will NOT be returned). Example: art work, writing samples, recording of playing an instrument or singing, etc.

Deadline: All materials are due September 10, 2012. Applicants will find out on September 21, 2012 whether they have been accepted as a team member or not. Those on the waiting list, will find out, after our first orientation in October 2012 whether they have made the team. Selected team members' parents/guardians must be in attendance at the first orientation otherwise they will lose their position.

Personal Testimony - Zoe Mobley

After a 22 hour plane flight on two planes, plus a 2 hour layover with next to no sleep, as you can imagine, I was wiped out. Nevertheless, my friend Amari, Dr. Rowley (Mom), and I finally met with all of the children from the orphanage! We piled all of our bags, the children, Mr. and Mrs. Mutunga, ourselves, and a few others onto a bus loaned from one of the local schools. We finally made it to our rooms in one of the town guest houses. Surprisingly, we couldn't go to sleep! We were on the other side of the world, and of course, we missed our parents (Amari's parents and my dad). We talked a little bit by flashlight, and then calmed down and went to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning, we roused ourselves out of bed, got dressed (we had to wear long skirts at least past the knees), and headed out. At Mutunga's compound, we ate breakfast and said hello to all of the animals (chickens, chicks, a few baby turkeys, and a dog with 5 puppies). I quickly fell in love with the puppies, of course. Unfortunately, a few days later, the mother dog died of meat poisoning, and the puppies were left orphans. Because of this, one of the things I devoted myself to doing every so often as was needed, was give each puppy a milk formula out of a baby bottle.

My absolute favorite experience was giving the children all of the things we had brought over, including the pillowcase-dresses we made at my school (Westridge School for Girls). Since a lot of the girls were taller, only the younger girls got to wear the pillowcase-dresses, but it turned out okay in the end because every child got at least two things! How wonderful is that! After about a week and a half, we took a four hour drive back to Nairobi, where we shopped, bargained, went to animal orphanages, a giraffe center that housed rare giraffes, and had a good time.

Donating to Machao, with either money or material donations, really makes a difference! If you are coming on the next trip to Machao in 2013 and you are present when the children receive the items, you will see how important it is to them. So donate!

Zoe and puppyZoe and Amari

Immediate left:
Zoe Mobley holding one of the orphaned puppies, August 2011

Immediate right:
Zoe Mobley and Amari Gaiter, August 2011