FUNdraising Events
Spotlight:  Kick Off Summer Fundraiser
Way to go Langston Davis! In June, 2010, Langston Davis wanted to do something for the children of Machao. He decided to host a lemonade stand in his neighborhood. His idea and desire to serve kick started our Summer FUNdraising for Machao. Lemonade and cookies were available to thirsty pedestrians and those driving by. At the end of the day he raised $136.25. Children helping children - now that’s a good idea. If you would like to host a fundraising event, contact us for more information:  info@machaoorphanage.org or call 818 377 5120.

Spotlight:  Emmanuel's Thanksgiving Offering
Every year, the elders at Emmanuel Church in Burbank, California, select an organization to sponsor for their Thanksgiving offering. We were pleased to find out that Machao Orphanage Foundation was selected to be the recipient of their Thanksgiving offering. All proceeds were to go to Machao’s Clean Water campaign. On Thanksgiving Day, while Dr. Rowley was in Kenya for the celebration of pumping clean water for the first time, Emanuel E.V. Free Church raised over $10,000.00. Thanksgiving Day, 2010 was indeed a day of thanks for many. Thank you Emmanuel Church for your continued support. If you would like to become a church partner, call us at 818 377 5120 or email us at:  info@machaoorphanage.org

Spotlight:  Your name or organization can appear here in 2011
Contact us on the endless ways to FUNdraise. Be the difference in a child’s life. Support the Machao Orphanage Foundation.
Thank You Lemonade Poster John Baker - Living Water
Langston Davis, Lemonade Poster, June 2010
John Baker - Living Water Int'l, Kenya