The Machao Orphanage Foundation Newsletter
Phase II - Clean Water Campaign


“Nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene. Clean water and sanitation are among the most powerful preventative medicines for reducing child mortality. They are to diarrhea what immunization is to killer diseases such as polio: a mechanism for reducing risk and averting death.”
- United Nations Development Program, 2006

This year, on November 25, 2010 - Thanksgiving Day, with your help, we provided clean water to the children of Machao Orphanage. Many thanks to Stan Patyrak and John Baker of Living Water International who partnered with us and provided the drilling and hand pump. We were able to move forward with only 70% of the funds. That still left 30 percent or $2,898.00 that we had to raise. Good news. The members of Emmanuel Church in Burbank, California held a Thanksgiving Eve offering which covered the remaining balance. Dr. Carolyn Rowley, Founder and Executive Director, had the opportunity to travel to Kenya to be present for this monumental moment (see pictures on page 2 and 6)

The children were taken out of school in order to witness the installation of the pump. When the last bolt was tightened and from the pump emerged water, there was such delight to be had by all. From our hearts, we thank each and every one of you who gave towards the water project. Truly, you have made a difference in these children’s lives that is immeasurable.

Thank You!

Letter from the Founder and President
– Dr. Carolyn Rowley (page 2)

FUNdraising Events:
Kick Off Summer - Lemonade Stand (page 7)

Sponsored Child/Love A Child Supporter (page 3)

Long term/Short term missions report (page 4 and 5)

Phase 2: Water Project (page 6)


In Kenya: Dr. Joseph Mutunga, Isaiah Itute, William Muthembwa, Anna Mutinda, Grace Kituku, Agnes Kiilu, Mary Itute

In U.S.A.: Dr. Carolyn Rowley, Amy Tori Bella Aptekar

The Machao Orphanage Foundation
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Tel: 818 377 5120

Ways To Help ...
Fund the Power to the Children Project. Write a cheque or money order to The Machao Orphanage Foundation. Mail cheque or money order to Attention: Dr. Carolyn Rowley • The Machao Orphanage Foundation • P.O. Box 3856 • Glendale, CA 91221 • USA. In the memo field, please write ‘Power.

Pray for the children, the matron and Pastor David who help take care of the children in the orphanage.

Become an educational sponsor. hough Kenyan law was passed in the year 2000 that elementary education will be free and accessible, the orphan children will not be able to continue their schooling if there are no supporters. We are seeking individuals interested in sponsoring one child with his/her education through term 4 (US equivalent = 12th grade). Cost is $1,200.00 US Dollars a year. For more information on how to sponsor a child’s education, please feel free to contact Dr. Rowley via email at: carolyn@machaoorphanage.org.

Important Information
We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Our parent name is Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation. If your organization would like to add The Machao Orphanage Foundation to their charitable list, please contact us at 818.377.5120 or via email at: info@machaoorphanage.org for more information.