VOLUME V, 2009
FUNdraising Events
Spotlight: The Walden School
Do you like it when people just do and not ask? Well, we do. Oh, I suppose there is a time and place for that sort of thing, but not when it comes to fundraising. I was ecstatic when Jylani Brown, a teacher at The Walden School in Pasadena, CA informed me that her 1st/2nd grade class would be having a bake sale in May, 2009 and wanted to obtain a Machao DVD to show her class and the school. They received the DVD and Dr. Rowley was able to join in the FUNdraising taking place while the boys and girls where sharpening their retail skills. Way to go Jylani and her class for ‘making a difference in a child's life’ and just ‘doing it’. By the way, her class raised over $300 for Machao. If you would like to ‘just do it’ (that is, host a fundraising event), contact us for more information: info@machaoorphanage.org or call 818 377 5120.

Spotlight: The Mountain Movers
Began by Frederik'a Lambert, The Mountain Movers was a call to this person’s select few of friends, “individuals that I would have come to my bedside and pray for me if I were deathly ill”. Ms. Lambert wanted to make a difference in all the children’s lives and asked the select few to be a blessing to others, despite the tight and hard times at present. And they did. The Mountain Movers raised $1,250.00 in 2009. Awesome.

Spotlight: The Toth's
Received a call from the Toth's that they had some money for Machao. Not sure how Machao received their email address, they decided not to delete the email and read on. Before reading to the end, they were in tears in moved to make a difference. Ms. Toth shared the email with friends and was able to raise $650.00. Wow!

Your name or your organization’s name could appear here in 2010. Contact us on the endless ways to FUNdraise.
Thank You The Walden School - Bake Sale 2009 The Walden School - Receiving Check 2009
The Walden School - Bake Sale 2009
The Walden School - Receiving Check 2009