VOLUME V, 2009
handsLiving Water International
Phase 2:
Machao's Clean Water Project
In 2008, Dr. Rowley contacted several water organizations that Machao would be able to partner with. In December, 2009 Living Water International (LWI)¹ agreed to Machao partnering with them. Living Water International is a phenomenal organization that has brought water to millions of children across the globe. Machao has officially been placed on LWI’s calendar to drill for water towards the end of the second quarter, 2010. What does that mean? We need to raise the funds that LWI has estimated the drilling would cost - and fast!
Water spigotHow You Can Help?
FUNdraising. Have your network of friends became fans of Machao Orphanage on Facebook. Decide to give up a cup (of your java) for a cup (of clean water for children) for one month and donate what you would have spent to Machao. Collect one dollar from everyone at your child's school or a dollar from everyone at your church, or five dollars from everyone in your child’s girl scout/boy scout troupe, soccer or swim team, or your sorority sisters/fraternity brothers and give those proceeds to Machao, Have a walk-a-thon, bake sale, car wash ... the ways are endless. Machao will have three months to come up with the funds.
How Much?Water running into cupped hands
Living Water International has estimated the cost to run about $25,000.00. Minus the amount we've already received from supporters ($1,000.00), and $10,000 from an anonymous donor, the balance comes to $14,000.00. $14,000 to raise in three months.

With the completion of the new dormitory building, and the influx of more children being admitted into the orphanage, the children’s water needs are great and immediate. Help us help the children of Machao Orphanage by making a donation. Make your check out to: The Machao Orphanage Foundation (memo field to read: Water Project) and mail your check to:  P.O. Box 3856 • Glendale, CA 91221 • USA

Thank you!
¹ Living Water International exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and experience “living water” - the gospel of Jesus Christ - which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.