VOLUME V, 2009
Long Term / Short Term Missions
Emmanuel E.V. Free Church, located in Burbank, California responded to the call to assist the children at Machao Orphanage. Mel Loucks, Associate Pastor, spearheaded the summer missions trip which took place July 11 - 25, 2009. Emmanuel’s summer missions team was made up of eight high school students and thirteen adults. Their primary purpose was to spend time with the children at Machao. Though the orphaned children were only available from 3:30 - 6:30 pm, due to their still being in school, the missions team played games with the children and had a short Bible lesson. During the day, while the children were in school, the team of 21 were divided into two. A few stayed at the church compound and helped with washing clothes and preparing the meals. The rest of the team, about 12 to 15 each day, worked at the orphanage.  They mixed cement and helped build the new wash rooms.  Most, however, helped paint the orphanage buildings. Becca Groombridge (read her testimony), who is a graphic artist, painted a large logo and the word MACHAO on the side of the first/older orphanage building.

Other ministries the missions team were involved in included holding a meeting every night at the church with music, testimonies, and a message. Some of the young people even helped slaughter a goat for some of their meals. (Written by Associate Pastor Mel Loucks, Emmanuel Church, Burbank, CA)

The Machao Orphanage Foundation would like to thank the Emmanuel Church summer missions team for making a difference in the children’s lives. The 21 team members were:  Mel Loucks, Phil Hess, Dave Rutledge, Arlene Larson, Craig Larson, Becca Groombridge, Caitlin Bancroft, Heidi Parker, Jan Murphy, Shauna Murphy, Jared Kelly, Jatinder Sehmi, Jenna DeFelicis, Patti DeFelicis, Jenna Solis, Kai Wilson, Cynthia Wilson, Anders Wilson, Rick Lime and Taylor Letts.
Becca Groombridge and Machao student
When our team from Emmanuel Church arrived at the airport in Nairobi we were greeted by what seemed like the entire town of Wote. The Mutunga family was there of course, but so were all the Bible college students and all of the joyful orphans of MACHAO. We were overwhelmed at this welcome well after 11 pm! The children rushed to help us with our luggage and we all piled in the bus for the 3 hour drive to Wote. Along the way we did our best to communicate with them and some of the little ones even feel asleep in the arms of some of the team members. We would not understand some of the hardships and the long journey that the children endure every day until the next day; the terrain that was difficult for us in the daytime, they navigated at night. We were taken to our hotel which will forever make us thankful for the “comforts” we take for granted every day … electricity, warm water, sleeping without a mosquito net, just to name a few. For the next ten days we would get to know the people who cooked our breakfasts and cleaned our rooms. We would see our sheets and towels hanging to dry right outside our doors. The donkeys that we would hear on cue at 11 pm every night would make us smile right in the middle of our journaling before we would drift off to sleep.   (continued on page 5)
The new WashroomsThe new dormitory
Top left:
Becca Groombridge & Florence

Immediate left:
The new washrooms

Immediate right:
The new dormitory