2015-2016 FINANCIALS
FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS humbled by your generosity
It is an honor to serve the children of MACHAO. It's also exciting to play a role in changing a child's life through the gifts that you've given throughout the year. I am proud of the stewardship I see at Machao Orphanage - both here in the USA and in Kenya. You can be assured that you can invest in the Machao Orphanage Foundation with trust - we make a little go a long way.

One way we make a little go a long way is to invite the community to partner with us in the form of in-kind donations and/or direct funding. At this year's Volunteer Day, thanks to Target and Trader Joe's, we were able to provide donated water and snacks to all of our hard working volunteers. Then there's the women at Emmanuel Church (Burbank, CA) who donated 18 quilts, as well as the widows of AIC Church-Wote (see the picture on the previous page) who donated their time and talents to repair clothes, provide shoes and break bread with the children.

It is with gratitude that I write these words on behalf of the children of MACHAO.

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Dr. Carolyn Rowley

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As I was departing the Unoa Primary School where half of our children attend school, I was stopped by one of the widows of the church who asked me to come and meet the widows group (aka Christian Widows Fellowship Wote Central DCC) who were convening outside on the church grounds. I am overcome with great emotion as she shared with me what the widows have been inspired to do to assist the children of MACHAO. She credits the speech I made two years ago to the church inviting the community to pitch in - and indeed they (widows) did. On July 16, 2016 they planned a day trip to MACHAO to spend quality time with the children - one of them is a seamstress who carried her sewing machine up to the orphanage in an effort to repair their clothes; they washed their clothes, ironed them, cooked for them and broke bread with them, and even hired a shoemaker to come up to make shoes for the ones that did not have any. It took a lot of self talk on my part to hold back my tears of pure elation as she relayed to me how they spent their day with my kids. Dear Christian Widows Fellowship Wote Central DCC, thank you, thank you, thank you for caring enough to make sure the children feel loved.