Looking Back and Planning Ahead

Strategic Plan I: Foundation (2005-2015)
Journey back with us to see all that your donations, volunteer work, and prayers have done for the children of MACHAO. Ten years. What was I thinking promising these children I will dedicate my life to them? What did it mean? For me, it meant that the mere basics of life would be provided. That they would have shelter and each one would sleep in their own bed. It meant they would have clean water and eat regularly. Food, shelter and water. But are the basics sufficient? Would it be enough for them to be idle throughout the day? Education must be part of the plan as well as a way to be sustainable. Next came solar and irrigation. From what my eyes saw in 2005 and what God has provided throughout the years to 2015, is life - people helping people.

Strategic Plan II: Impact (till 2020 and beyond).
I must confess. There were a few times during the first ten years that I wasn't sure if I should continue to put forth the effort to keep MACHAO going. It was 20 months (almost two years) that I had worked and begged companies to help provide water until we got the OK from Living Water International. There were times when we just didn't have the money to pay for tuition and the children had to sit out a term. Now that the foundation has been laid, it is with confidence that we forge ahead to double the number of orphans - from 43 to 80 children. By 2020, we hope to build 8 homes to house 80 children. We would like for MACHAO to be a holistic model of caring for the whole child. Ultimately, we want the children to receive comprehensive medical care, K-12 education (and college), vocational education, psychosocial support, shelter, and food. We want our emphasis to be on nutrition and economic self-sufficiency.

Will you journey with us for another 10 years?

from the journals of Dr. Rowley

June, 2005
2005A lady from Glendale, CA visits Makueni, Kenya for the first time. Her assignment: to present an assessment to the church members of Greater Heights Missionary Baptist Church.
June, 2009
2009After spreading the word to friends, churches, and corporations, Emmanuel Church in Burbank, CA rise to the call and send a team of 20 to help build the new structures. Phase I: Housing is completed.
June, 2010
2010Taking over 20 months to secure, thanks to an anonymous donor and Living Water International who partners with MACHAO to install the first water pump. Phase II is completed.