015 will mark ten years since we began The Machao Orphanage Foundation. We hope you will be able to join us on this remarkable journey where we celebrate 10 years of growth and strategic planning. On page 26, we discuss Strategic Planning II - Impact: Our hopes and dreams for the children of MACHAO. It is with great anticipation that you'll be able to join us as we plan for the next five years till 2020.

Looking back at 2014, I would have to say that this was THE most miraculous year we’ve had thus far. All the projects we fundraised for have been completed - new beds for all the children (see page 11); new shoes and the second year of our foot washing project (see page 11); interior and exterior painting of every building, including the dormitories, dining hall, latrines, and bath house; purchasing seeds and supplies towards Agricultural Sustainability, and most awesome of all, the installation of the solar irrigation pump (see page 17).

In addition to our projects being funded, many of you volunteered yourself. The Ericsons volunteered their car and transported all the boxes, luggage and a team member for this year’s 2014 Service Trip. Truly, this was a blessing to all involved. We thank M. Lippold and company for their continuous contribution of hand made quilts for the bunk beds the children sleep in - a most necessary and most valuable gift to the children.

In even a more practical way, a donor from Ojai, CA volunteered to pay for a portion of the excess baggage and weight we incurred during our 2014 Service Trip.

Meet this year's service team member, Joy O'Brien, as she reviews her first trip to Africa, to Kenya, to Makueni, and to a place called the Machao Orphanage (see page 15). On page 16, MACHAO's Service Team alums recall their first trip.

This past May, 2014 marked MACHAO's second annual Volunteer Day. What a turn-out! Thanks to volunteers like you, we met our goals of collecting bar soap, wash cloths, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant for both the children of MACHAO and the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. You are all such an inspiration! Thank you.

Partnerships keep-a-coming. The Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, located in Kisumu, Kenya, received hygiene kits for 50 orphaned children before the team’s departure in August 2014 (see page 21).

Thank you so very much for making this ministry possible. This is exciting work that keeps getting better, and we’re thrilled about where the Lord is leading us. Stick around friends and cast your gaze on new horizons with us, as together we offer additional housing and continue agricultural sustainability for the children of MACHAO.

Gratefully yours,
Carolyn Rowley signature
Carolyn Rowley, PhD
Founder & Executive Director

Machao Orphanage Foundation exists for the orphaned children residing in Makueni, Kenya. The stories in these pages are our effort to celebrate you. Thank you for your part in ending poverty one child at a time.

C. Rowley with  Machao girls
Dr. Carolyn Rowley with the
young beauties of MACHAO.