REVENUE & EXPENSES: Your commitment to us, our commitment to you

Sources of Revenue

TOTAL REVENUE  $19,788.23
INDIVIDUALS  $12,497.00
Many people, just like you, gave The Machao Orphanage Foundation gifts of all sizes, which in total represented 63% of our revenue. We are very thankful for your commitment.
Everything The Machao Orphanage Foundation does is an expression of the Body of Christ. We see the Church as a natural partner, and we look forward to future Church partnerships in 2015.
PARTNERS  $3,700.00
With nine years of experience now, the Machao Orphanage Foundation is becoming the preferred implementer for non-profits and foundations who demand the excellence they find at The Machao Orphanage Foundation. We have an anonymous donor who has agreed to pay the children's tuition every quarter, beginning 2014. This total represents 19% of our revenue. Thank you.
Nearly 23% was mobilized by schools and corporations to help the orphaned children of Makueni, Kenya. Every one of these efforts is a sign of hope.

Important Information
We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Our parent name is Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation. If your organization or employer would like to add The Machao Orphanage Foundation to their charitable list, please contact us at 818.377.5120 or via email at: info@machaoorphanage.org for more information.


TOTAL EXPENSES  $18,383.17
PROGRAMS  $15,918.55 (87%)
Shoes - $1,075.00
Bedding - $3,010.00
  - $1,598.48 (Jan - April)
  - $3,700.00 (May - August
  - $3,700.00 (Sept - Dec)
Painting (interior/exterior) - $1,750.00
Sustainable Agriculture - $300.00
Salaries (Kenyan workers) - $300.00
Baggage/Excess weight - $2,235.07
FUNDRAISING  $0.00 (0%)
Volunteer Day - $29.28
ADMINISTRATION  $2,464.62 (13%)
Office Supplies - $444.27
Printing - $2,020.35
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