OUR STRATEGIC PLAN II:   Impact (2014 - 2020)

We are well on our way!
Can you believe it? It’s only five years to 2020. We've accomplished a lot in the past 10 years. Here’s our plan for the next five:

More housing (to house more orphans!)
Phase I: As of July 2014, the new board decided to build a separate structure for the girls dormitory. What's exciting is that a Chinese company has already agreed to build this structure so all we need to do is raise funds for the installation of a solar panel.

Phase II: Our vision - to move away from the institutional dormitory living and create orphan homes. Each home will be designed to accommodate ten children and a matron. Plan - to build eight (8) children's home by 2020.

I: Love-A-Child Program. Since its inception in 2006, we've only been able to procure two supporters. Our goal will be to add two new supporters a year till 2020.

II: Enrichment Program. The children need an enrichment specialist that not only can tutor them after school, but provide exciting enrichment activities and an art and music program. See this job description on page 27.

Basic Needs
Continue to partner with companies and communities that will donate hygiene supplies annually.

Agricultural Sustainability
Between now and 2020, to continue to support our Agricultural Sustainability efforts. Our vision: additional solar irrigation systems like the one on page 17. More irrigation systems mean more food for the children of MACHAO.
Step 1: GIVE

a) Time
  • Volunteer at MACHAO’s Annual Volunteer Day, Saturday, 16•May•2015 from 10 am - 2pm in Burbank, California
  • Collect hygiene items such as: bar soap, washcloths, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant and sanity napkins
  • Travel with us to Kenya July-Aug 2015 to serve the children of MACHAO directly (Short Term Missions)
  • Consider working at MACHAO (Long Term Missions) (see page 27)
  • Pray for the children of MACHAO, the workers who care for them, and those of us who work on behalf of them.

b) Money/Funds
  • Donate to the educational fund
  • Donate to the Love-A-Child program.
  • Consider adopting a child through our Love-A-Child program at $100/mo or $1,200/year (per child)
  • Donate to purchase new shoes ($25/child or $1,075 for all 43 children)
  • Donate to purchase school supplies ($20.25/child or $870.75 for all 43 children)
  • Donate to purchase food (seeds for planting; staples like flour, salt, rice) $43/mo
  • Donate for upkeep (painting, landscaping, ...)
  • Donate for excess baggage and weight (this year’s cost were over $2,000)
  • Switch to AmazonSmile when purchasing on Amazon.com. A portion of your purchase goes to MACHAO. See page 18 for more details.

Machao GreenhouseMachao WellMachao building