Francis Matheka Kiiti
Francis Matheka Kiiti
(Field Manager)

What he likes about working at MACHAO.Planting and gardening and making things grow. The children help a lot with watering.

What they need - “  the right variety of seeds to plant and to have a great harvest; chicken feed for the chickens.”
Dorcas Kalondu
Dorcas Kalondu

What she likes about working at MACHAO She likes her job; loves the children and is interested in their development. She faces inadequate food supply

What they need - Need softer foods for the younger ones like rice and beans. Needs chicken feed.

Wants to train them to behave and to be motherly towards them. Wants to teach them good behavior, good behavior leads to a good life; progress
Patrick Mbatha
Patrick Mbatha
(Field hand)

What he likes about working at MACHAO “... farming and the fact that it keeps me busy.”

What they need - seeds for planting (mint seeds, support to hang the tomatoes, chicken feed, fertilizer, manila paper, protective clothes, gloves and boots)
Current Positions Available:

Children's Enrichment Program Developer is a F/T position with a min. one year commitment. Duties include: assisting the children after school with their homework, esp. with English.

Field Manager is a F/T position with a min. two year commitment. Duties include: managing and assisting the staff at MACHAO; to hire and maintain staff to conduct the numerous chores; provide a home like environment to the children.

Permaculture Intern receives invaluable training at Kituiā€™s Nyambui Village where you will apply this knowledge to improve the quality of the crops, livestock and grounds at MACHAO. To learn and share how to grow high-value crops; learn and share marketing skills to get the best price at market; to assist the staff at MACHAO.

To Apply for any of the positions listed above, contact us as:, Subject line: Current Position Available : Position of ...

Thank you!
Dr. Carolyn Rowley
(Since 2005)
(Founder and
Executive Director)

Carolyn Rowley
Tiffany Tai
 (Programs Director)

Tiffany Tai
Kelly Daniels (2014)
(Programs Manager)

Pamela Diemel
Joe Hui (2014)
(Volunteer Outreach Coordinator)

Pamela Diemel