BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Changing of the guard

1997 - 2014
Past Machao Board of Directors

History was made Sunday, July 27, 2014. The initial seven supporters of the Machao Orphanage, who became the Kenyan Board Members, officially passed on the gavel to members of the AIC (Africa Inland Church- Wote Branch). Their reason - age. Though they still love and will continue to pray for the children, their age keeps them from meeting regularly as a board should, as well as, keeps them from checking on the children on a regular basis.

As the gavel was passed, the pastor and its members embraced the children and took a tour of what the Machao Orphanage Foundation has accomplished since 1997. They toured its main building (which houses the girls and boys dormitory, dining hall and kitchen), the water pump, the greenhouse and chicken coop. They saw the newly painted interior and a few stated they would come back and help paint the exterior.

It was after the changing of the guard ceremony and the tour that the new board revealed their first goal - to build a separate girl's dormitory building. In less than two months, they were given the green light to move forward and asked that the Machao Orphanage Foundation and its supporters raise funds to put a solar panel on the new building.

New Machao Board of Directors

(KENYA) 2014 - Present