OUR PARTNERS: Highlight of corporate social responsibility

Davis & Shirtliff


That is the feeling we experienced when, after two years of delay, the solar irrigation pump was finally installed. In 2012, thanks to Machao's Service Team 2012, permaculturalist Michael Gonella and the installation of the greenhouse, we had set our sites on raising funding and supplying the children with a solar irrigation pump. By the summer of the following year 2013, and money raised, we had hired a company (which will remain nameless) to install the solar irrigation pump.

Water Pump

By the team's departure date in 2013, it became obvious that this wasn't going to happen and we had to fire the company. Back to the drawing board, and with the persevering spirit of Michael Gonella, we hired Davis & Shirtliff. We thank them for their corporate responsibility. Once they had agreed to install the solar irrigation pump, unfortunately the price after two years had gone up. Since we didn't want to go back to our donors to raise more funds for this project,

Water Pump

Solar Panel

Davis & Shirtliff agreed to waive the additional cost and install the solar irrigation pump with what we raised.  AAAAAAAHHHHH!!

They [Davis & Shirtliff] agreed to work with us just two days before our departure this year 2014, and although we weren't able to see the completion nor participate in its installation, Joseph Mutunga was able to supply pictures. Enjoy the pictures and join me in thanking our precious God for being right on time with all that we do for the children of MACHAO in His name.

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Machao garden

Two additional drip systems were installed at Machao Orphanage this past summer; one by a group which desires to be anonymous and the other by the Makueni County Ministry of Agriculture.