MACHAO SERVICE TEAMS: Alums revisit their experience

Cynthia Wilson (2009 and 2010)
remembers .....

“God never told us to ‘fix’ the world's problems, but He does call us to be His hands and feet, for His glory and His purposes.

Having had the opportunity to go to Makueni, Kenya to serve the needs of the children at MACHAO has been a wonderful experience to see God use ordinary people to do extraordinary things in His power and for His purposes.

Spending time loving and building relationships with the children of MACHAO was an amazing joy and confirmation that God can use anybody with a heart to serve Him. Witnessing the excitement of the children when they received a new pair of shoes or to be able to choose a new shirt or other clothing is unimaginable. Experiencing the joy of the children each day that we spent playing, singing, doing skits, or just spending time listening and talking with them was priceless. Seeing the joy in the eyes of these children who are without parents or family, and who are completely dependent on God the Father’s provision was more than overwhelming.

Cynthia Wilson

Our second trip to MACHAO afforded us the opportunity to spend more time with the children along with participating in the Water Project that brought fresh water to MACHAO in partnership with Living Water International.

MACHAO will always hold a special place in the hearts of my family and myself as a place where God shows His love ‘even to the least of these’. Where ordinary people who have a love for others and a heart to serve, can have an impact on the lives of many.”

Eric Riddle (2012)
remembers .....

“Traveling to Kenya in the summer of 2012 to help assist the children of MACHAO was a life changing experience. Once I returned home, I was stuck thinking how I could use my talents and time to give back to these impoverished children. I started to pray and ask God how this could all work while pursuing a career in sport athletics.

It was just over six months after my trip that I formed a partnership with The Salvation Army to create Futsal (Soccer) Leagues at their facility. One year later, we now have five leagues operating for various age groups. During the initial development of the soccer leagues, I saw an opportunity to give and stay connected with the children of MACHAO. I decided to make the proceeds of every ID card, which is needed to play, be given to MACHAO.

Eric Riddle

The ID card proceeds and additional support from The Salvation Army has already raised over $5,000 to date. The funds have gone to purchase shoes and new beds for the children of MACHAO.

It is my passion and continuous desire to grow soccer leagues in the community. I know God has directed my steps in this prosperous relationship with the Salvation Army. Although I can't travel to Kenya annually, the Lord has answered my prayer in providing a way for me to be there financially to continue my relationship with MACHAO over 9,000 miles away. I now understand how we can find ways to give back through our passions. A simple love for sports was able to transcend soccer in a local city to providing for those across the world. I look forward to visiting Makueni, Kenya again soon in the near future.”