Hygiene: ALL

Enjoying new bedding!
Enjoying her new bed.
Thank you E. Riddle!
Enjoying new bedding!
Joy distributing hygiene kits and sweet treats. Thank you Wells Fargo, Anthropologie, Trader Joe’s and Royal Dansk!
Enjoying new bedding!
Volunteer Day - May, 2014. Our lovely volunteers are rolling washcloths for placement into the backpacks. Thank you volunteers, Emmanuel Church, and especially L. Chambers for the washcloths!
gift of hygiene  
Give the gift of Basic Hygiene

With MACHAO’s Hygiene Now campaign, our goal is to make sure that all the children have their basic hygiene needs meet. Want to give? Start a collection of these hygiene items: bar soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, deodorant, toilet tissue, and sanitary napkins.
Basic Hygiene Items $43/month
. .
Bedding (mattress and sheets) $3,010 for all 43
(Purchase of the bedding completed as of July, 2014 thanks to E. Riddle of Pasadena, California)