PROJECT 5:  Agriculture

Project 5:  Agriculture.
All around the world right now, there are children who do not have enough to eat. Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases continue to take more lives each year than tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria combined!

There is a better way: The Machao Orphanage Foundation way. We, at the Machao Orphanage Foundation, desire to give these children the power to feed themselves day after day through agricultural sustainability. We are committed to feeding the children of MACHAO with at least one nutritious meal each day.

FOOD . . .
• maximizes energy levels
• enhances one's immune system
• promotes better concentration
• promotes sense of well-being
• alleviates hunger
• improves schooling

Feeding thirteen [in 2005] let alone 43 children [as of 2013] is a daunting task. That’s why our Sustainable Agricultural program is so vital. With the greenhouse and chicken coop completed, and a solar pump to irrigate the crops in the greenhouse, the children will now be able to eat well-balanced, nutritious meals.

Unfortunately, we are not able to grow everything, like wheat, rice and potatoes. There are still a few staples that are needed until the sustainable program begins to flourish.

Food insecurity is MACHAO's biggest problem. The ultimate goal is to reduce dependency on others, and provide self-sufficiency by helping them build their food security.

In addition to building the agricultural sustainability program (also known as the FOOD campaign), the children will also need livestock so they can have a daily source of nutrition and provide a source of income.

Your gift will give a child a boost of nutrition:

  • with the ability to purchase fruit and vegetable seeds to provide vitamins and minerals
  • with the ability to purchase chicken feed to feed the chickens which provide daily protein from eggs
  • with the ability to provide continued training and development in sustainable farming for the permaculturalist on staff at MACHAO.



  1. Purchase chicken feed
    Cost: $93.00/bag
  2. Purchase seeds
    Cost: $$2.00/ea or $20.00 for a bunch
  3. Purchase monthly food staples
    (like flour, rice, potatoes)
    Cost: $43.00/mo

From Pastor David, current Field Manager at Machao Orphanage

“I like working at MACHAO and taking care of the children. Feeding the children gives them health. For them to be healthy is my joy and pride; if they have health they will do well in school. Unfortunately, there isn't much food. We are in desperate need of a variety of seeds; seeds to plant and to have a great harvest; chicken feed for the chickens. The children are hungry which makes it hard for them to concentrate. We need food.”

cornfieldFaith carrying picked cord

Left photo:
Corn field

Right photo:
Faith carrying
picked corn