The first year of the Machao Orphanage Foundation’s Strategic Plan II: Impact (2013 - 2020) was a great success! The accomplishments of 2013 put us well on our way to doubling our growth and impact, and we are profoundly grateful to all who got us here.

In the following pages, you will read stories of how we worked together to create a sustainable future for the children of MACHAO. You will meet an outstanding teen empowered to improve the lives of the children on two wheels. You will experience how changing the world, two feet at a time, became an opportunity to demonstrate God’s faithful love.

As I share my own story on how No Pads, No School came into existence, it was through one of our volunteers last year who had collected sanitary napkins at her college and wanted to donate them to become a part of MACHAO’s care box. My initial response was one of ‘oh my, that’s too personal’ and ‘what would they think’. I gathered the napkins anyway and they were distributed to the girls. My, oh my, oh my, how one girl

cried because she was in such need; she cried in thankfulness and gratefulness. It was at that moment that I vowed every girl would have a sufficient supply of feminine hygiene items that would enable them to walk with dignity and attend school.

One way of accomplishing this goal will be to get every all-girls school across the United States to support our No Pads, No School campaign. To date, we are pleased to announce that St. Mary’s Academy (located Inglewood, CA) and Westridge School for Girls (located in Pasadena, CA) are the first two schools that have come on board to collect sanitary napkins for the girls of MACHAO. My hope is by the end of 2014, our numbers would have tripled and we would have at least six or more schools supporting our No Pads, No School campaign.

We are also honoured by the many corporations that gave in-kind donations this year. We invite you to peruse on Machao Orphanage’s website our new ‘In-kind donations’ page. You can also view the numerous corporate in-kind donations on our Acknowledgements page in this newsletter.

And finally, a grand ‘Thank You’ to every individual, church and group that has donated to The Machao Orphanage Foundation since I made

my first trek in June 2005. Had it not been for your support, I would have never taken the trip - the trip that not only transformed my life, yet the lives of the first 13 children and the additional 30 children that have since joined the orphanage made possible by your donations.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies. I’ll be hoping that this newsletter finds you well.

Words could never fully express the depth of our gratitude for you, but I pray that a smiling child within these pages will.

Peacefully yours,
Carolyn Rowley signature
Carolyn Rowley, PhD
Founder & Executive Director

C. Rowley with Ambassador Wenwa and Sara Obama
Dr. Carolyn Rowley with Ambassador Wenwa and Sarah Obama (President Obama's grandmother).

Machao Orphanage Foundation is built on your prayers, partnership and financial support - thank you for doing God’s work with us.

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