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Thoughtful students like Alex, Sean, Sebouh and his brother Shawnt (Bikes 4 Orphans) help us help the children of MACHAO. With the introduction of our No Pads/No School campaign, many students found ways to get involve. Take Isabella from Westridge School for Girls (Pasadena, CA). She and her classmates got involved by collecting sanitary hygiene items and raised funds to purchase additional sanitary kits for the girls of MACHAO. Here's what Isabella had to say about her participation, “Hosting the supply drive at Westridge was a great experience. Although it was tremendously fun to prepare for, it was also a wake up call and an opportunity to remember how much each citizen of a first world country takes for granted. Not being able to have sanitary napkins or tampons let alone clean water at my disposal would make my life 1000x more complicated and difficult. I appreciate everything your organization does for these children , and I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity of working with your organization. I hope your next goals are met soon!”

Do you know a junior ambassador that can serve on behalf of the children of MACHAO? Our staff is available to visit your school and/or we'll be happy to send information packets to be distributed to the students at your school. Participate, take a photo or video, write about your experience and email it to us. It's that simple, loads of fun and life changing for both you and the children of MACHAO.

There is a deep need in the hearts of the children Machao Orphanage Foundation serves, but also in the hearts of middle and high school students here in the United States.

Girl Scout Troop
Girl Scout Troop 576 (circa 2006)

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