FOOT WASHING   (changing the world, two feet at a time)

Foot Washing Foot Washing

As there are 43 orphaned children which reside at The Machao Orphanage, there are at least 43 different ways to bless them. In addition to distributing the hygiene kits and building them a fence, we blessed the children this past summer by washing their feet and giving them new shoes. Imagine the joy on their faces as they were able to select a new pair of shoes. The amazement when they were touched in a loving way and the humility we felt by providing them with what we would be unable to live without — shoes.

We introduced foot washing for the first time this past summer at The Machao Orphanage. It takes humility to serve others, but sometimes it takes even more humility to allow others to serve you. Michael Sean Winters wrote, “In the washing of the feet, we see what it means to be the greatest by becoming the least, inverting the normal understandings of power and deference, and making service the measure of greatness ... All this could be written about or spoken, but [we just simply need to do it.]”

In addition to foot washing, there will be opportunities to help by playing with the children and reading to them. It will be such an encouragement to the staff and children to have you visit. Join the Machao Team 2014 (July 20 - August 6, 2014) next year. For more information on traveling to Kenya, go to, Machao Service Trip 2014. We hope you'll join us.

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