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Sebouh Bazikian (Founder)

Sebouh Bazikian, age 16, chose The Machao Orphanage Foundation as his first orphanage to jumpstart his Bikes 4 Orphans Foundation. He recruited his brother, Shawnt, and fellow classmates, Alex Chraghchian and Sean Bird. The purpose of their project: to provide bicycles to orphans so they can have access to school and thus have a brighter future. We believe teenagers can make a difference in this world and we are thankful that Sebouh has decided to partner with MACHAO.


Shawnt Bazikian (Volunteer)

Hi, my name is Shawnt and I am 15 years old. It all started when my brother began Bike 4 Orphans and invited me to help him with it. My natural inclination was to help out with the technical and social media aspect, being very experienced with computer programming and social media. With social media, Bikes 4 Orphans was opened on a global scale. Anyone, anywhere could see this project and its potential. And that is indeed what happened; my brother’s small volunteer

Sebouh at Machao

organization was being recognized by people everywhere. It was amazing to see this project expand so quickly and see the responses on Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot. After my brother came back from visiting The Machao Orphanage in Kenya, and hearing all the stories of the orphans riding the bikes, I knew this was the beginning of something big and influential.

Shawnt Bazikian
Shawnt Bazikian

When we think of bikes in the United States, we often associate it with a recreational activity and fun, but what I learned from the experiences of my brother is that bikes for the orphaned children of MACHAO were for utility; they were able to get to school quicker, the ones that had jobs, to ride to work, and those who had distant family were able to see their family after many years. All of the things I mentioned would have been unthinkable without owning a bike.

Bikes provided a simple solution to a major hurdle that the kids were

facing. Just imagine walking two hours every day to school in the scorching heat of Kenya. An obstacle unnecessary for these innocent orphans just striving to receive an education.

Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to visit the Machao Orphanage next year as my brother moves on to college. It would be great to meet the kids and to hear about their stories since they have received the bikes and how it has impacted their lives. It will be a blessing and I intend to work hard to help out countless other orphans in need.

Sebouh and Alex
Sebouh and Alex at the Bikes 4 Orphans Bike-A-Thon on October 26, 2013

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