Machao Orphanage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does MACHAO mean?
A: "MACHAO" is an acronym for Makueni Christian Home for Assisting Orphans.

Q: Where is the orphanage located?
A: The home is situated along Nduenguu Stream, near Makueni Agricultural Show Ground.

Q: What are the goals of MACHAO?
A: The overriding goal of MACHAO is to assist the destitute children, whose parents have been victims of death. MACHAO focuses on providing these orphans with basic requirements such as: food, shelter, clothing and an education. The future vision of MACHAO is to expand the home facilities to cater for the increasing number of orphans and impoverished children.

Q: When was the group formed?
A: The group was formed in 1996 by seven Christians of the Africa Inland
Church within Wote Division in Makueni District.

Q: How is it supported?
A: MACHAO is a non-profit organization both in Kenya and in the U.S.A. and appeals to well wishers to support the program.

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a child’s education?
A: The cost to support one child’s education is $1,200.00 US Dollars per year.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: A tax-deductible donation to The Machao Orphanage Foundation directly assists in making sure that the children have shelter, food, clothing and an education.  

The Machao Orphanage Foundation is also expanding its Circle of Friends, a program which assists groups and individuals who want to hold their own fundraisers to support the Machao Orphanage Foundation.  If you have questions about any of our programs, feel free to email us at info @ machaoorphanage.org.

For answers to frequently asked questions about making a charitable contribution to help the children at the Machao Orphanage, visit our FAQ About Giving page.

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