MACHAO Service Trip Short Term Mission Trip for Teens and Adults!


What is The MACHAO Service Trip? The MACHAO Service Trip (2019) is a unique experience. We invite the community to visit The Machao Orphanage to help distribute hygiene items and build sustainable agriculture in Makueni, Kenya (East Africa). Participants will have the powerful experience of foot washing * and hand-placing shoes on children’s feet, pass out much needed basic hygiene items such as soap and toothpaste, and will also be able to see first-hand how The Machao Orphanage Foundation uses 99% of funding to support the programs and goals of our strategic plan. Participants gain on-the-ground perspective of the complex realities present in impoverished communities and see how every dollar is at work to support the growth of a community. The Machao Service Team is a valuable way to experience and understand the wider world of international development.

Register today for the MACHAO Service Team (2019) Mission Trip to Kenya, Africa. You will make a difference helping AIDS Orphans, distributing hygiene items and shoes and building sustainable agriculture. Register today at 818-940-0079 or Deadline for participating on the 2019 trip is April 30, 2019.

How old do I have to be to go on The MACHAO Service Trip? You must be at least 13 years or over to participate.

May I bring prescriptions? Medical marijuana is NOT allowed and is punishable by imprisonment both in Dubai and in Kenya. Other prescriptions are permissible and must be listed on your MACHAO Service Trip Application. The MACHAO Service Trip is a drug- free, smoke-free and alcohol-free missions trip.

What are the dates of The MACHAO Service Trip? The dates of The MACHAO Service Trip (2019) are July 14 – August 2, 2019. We depart from LAX and fly to Dubai and then to Nairobi. We are picked up by bus and taken to Makueni, Kenya. We will spend the entire time at the orphanage. The last three days will be spent in Nairobi where you will have opportunity to shop and take a day safari before returning home.

Is the country I am traveling to safe? We look to Dr. Mutunga to provide us with the on-the-ground perspective in regards to safety, and at any time they advise us that it is no longer safe, we will reschedule our trip.

Where will I be staying? You will stay in a guest lodge as well as at the orphanage while in Makueni. While in Nairobi, you will stay at the Hotel Intercontinental. The accommodations are clean and safe.

Can I drink the water? While at the orphanage, it is safe to drink the water from the newly installed well installed by Living Water International. Bottled water will be provided to you while you are at the orphanage as well as in the hotel in Nairobi.

Who else will be on The MACHAO Service Trip? Other participants from the community and Dr. Carolyn Rowley, Executive Director.

What type of pre-trip training is provided? There are seven (7) meetings that you must attend. Each meeting will focus on details such as: passport, visa, immunizations, packing list, weather, accommodation, how to dress, food, money/spending and more. Dr. Rowley, the group leader thoroughly covers all topics and all of your questions. Our office is always available via e-mail or phone to answer any additional questions. We also ask you to participate in an introductory call to discuss preparation details. You will have a final orientation at the Machao HQ office one week prior to departure.

What if I don’t speak the local language? Swahili is the local language in Kenya, though most speak English. You do not need to know the local language; however, we encourage you to brush up on your language skills and try to speak the language when you can.

When does the team meet for the first time and what is the schedule? The meeting dates for The MACHAO Service Trip (2019) are as follows: Sundays from 4 – 6 pm

  • November 4th (2018)
  • December 2nd (2018)
  • February 3rd
  • March 3rd
  • April 7th (1/2 the fee is due with completed paperwork. We will be purchasing airline tickets, applying for eVisa so you will need to bring: passport, pdf of your passport photo, $2,500, Machao Service Trip application, and Emergency Contact Form)
  • May 5th
  • June 2nd
  • July 7th (final payment is due. This is a MANDATORY meeting).

We will hold our meetings in Burbank, CA. Those who reside out of the area,

you will be required to participate via telephone conferencing. You must attend at least 6 out of the 7 meetings in order to participate on the trip.

What is the fee? The total cost of the trip is $5,000.00 US Dollars. This fee covers the following: your roundtrip airfare, ground transportation to and from Nairobi/Makueni; visa fee, hotel accommodations in both Makueni and Nairobi, food in Makueni, and ground transportation from Nairobi to airport. The fee does not include: food while in Nairobi, activities, nor shopping excursions.

  • April 7th: You should have $2,500.00 ready to turn in at this meeting. This fee is for your airline ticket.
  • July 7th: Your remaining balance of $2,500.00 is due.

What is ‘Debrief’ and when is it? Just as it is important to prepare for your trip to Kenya, it is equally important to know how to come down from an intense life-changing event. Each team member will be required to write up their summary and hand it to the staff member at MACHAO on a thumb drive. As well, we will need a thumb drive or CD of all of your photos taken on the trip. Your story and photos will appear in Machao’s annual newsletter. The date of the debrief is approximately one month after we return from the trip. For the 2019 trip, the debriefing date will be Sunday, September 22nd from 4 – 6 pm.