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Ways to Participate
The Machao Orphanage Foundation is a fundraising organization dedicated to supporting the orphaned and impoverished children located in Makueni, Kenya. We welcome your participation as a volunteer. Click here for more information.

Join our Circle of Friends
The best way to volunteer—from anywhere—is to become part of our Circle of Friends program. You can plan and hold your own fundraising and informational events in support of the Machao Orphanage.

The Machao Orphanage is located in Makueni, Kenya (about 3.5 hours south east of Nairobi). In most cases the orphanage can not accommodate volunteers as the conditions are harsh and there is no room. In addition, the cost of one’s flight can pay for one child’s education for one year. Many mission teams have inquired about joining Dr. Rowley on her annual trips. At this time, there are no accommodations for large groups of people. However, the Machao Orphanage does consider volunteers who are willing to make at least a two year commit and those who speak Swahili to assist the matron. The Machao Orphanage Foundation has found language to be highly important in communicating well with the children.
If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email us with details at info @ machaoorphanage.org and someone will contact you shortly.