Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

Q: If I want to mail a check to the Machao Orphanage Foundation, where should I send it?

A: Please download our printable donation form [PDF] and send it along with your check or money order (made out to "The Machao Orphanage Foundation") to:

The Machao Orphanage Foundation
P.O. Box 3856
Glendale, CA 91221

Q: I don't live in the United States. Will the Machao Orphanage Foundation accept my donation?

A: The Machao Orphanage Foundation welcomes donations from all over the world. You can mail your check to us at the address above or donate online. You must, however, send your payment in U.S. dollars.

Q: How will my donation be used to help the children?

A: The Machao Orphanage Foundation was established to support the orphaned children whose parents have died of HIV/AIDs and those destitute impoverished children whose parents can no longer afford to take care of them. Unless otherwise instructed, your donation will go to support our current project phase.  We are now raising money to provide water to the children.

In 2005, the Machao Orphanage Foundation furthered its mission by funding, among other things:

  • The construction, building and furnishing costs for the new facility which will house 80 children in the impoverished region of Makueni, Kenya.
  • Utilities (i.e., firewood, charcoal, paraffin).
  • A child’s education. The children in the orphanage are required to attend school. Participating in our ‘Love-a-Child’ program will support the purchase of a child’s uniform, tuition, fees, books, and school supplies.
  • Toiletries, clothing and medical supplies.
  • Personnel. Currently, MACHAO has one house mother (matron) and a watchman. As the number of children grow, the orphanage will need at least one more matron and another watchman.
  • Construction of a water system.

Q: How can I help the Machao Orphanage Foundation, beyond making a donation?

A: Individuals interested in donating their time or skills to forwarding the mission of the Machao Orphanage Foundation are encouraged to join our Circle of Friends program. Involve friends and family to help increase awareness of the homelessness that exist in Makueni, Kenuya and raise money to give shelter, food, clothing and an education to the children.

Q: Can I volunteer at The Machao Orphanage in Kenya?

A: We appreciate your interest in volunteering. Please call us at 818 377 5120 to find out about our latest short term mission trips.  We also need volunteers interested in staying for at least a year to assist the children's educational needs by providing after school assistance and enrichment via music and/or art).  Call us today for more information.

Q: Can I donate clothes to the children of MACHAO?

A: We appreciate your interest in donating clothes, but we cannot accept them. The high costs of shipping combined with the administrative problems created by customs ultimately makes donating clothes more expensive than taking the money we raise to purchase them.

Q: I am a medical doctor, nurse or dentist and would like to assist.

A: The children are in need of annual medical and dental exams. For those who desire to assist children in a developing world, please visit the Doctor's Corner page on our website.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the Machao Orphanage, visit our FAQ About Machao Orphanage page.

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