Bikes 4 Orphans Campaign

Bikes 4 Orphans is a project created by Sebouh Bazikian who has recruited the help of Sean Bird, Alex Chraghchian and Shawnt Bazikian. They are collaborating with the Machao Orphanage Foundation to provide bikes to orphans for their transportation to and from school. Any additional funds collected will go toward the purchase of an electric irrigation pump.

Bikes 4 Orphanages
  • 43 Bikes Total Cost:  $5,375.00
  • Total collected as of :  $4,325.00
    • $300.00 R Hinojosa of Alhambra, CA
    • $100.00 F. Abolfathi of Santa Monica, CA
    • $400.00 R. Avakian and R. Hovsepian of Glendale, CA
    • $200.00 S. Hovsepian of Glendale, CA
    • $100.00 The Davoodi's of Glendale, CA
    • $200.00 The Bazikian's of Glendale, CA
    • $50.00 M. Klahejian of Glendale, CA
    • $250.00 Element 18 Design & Communication of Pasadena, CA
    • $200.00 P. Chraghchian of Gendale, CA
    • $100.00 Daily Computing Solutions of Glendale, CA
    • $500.00 Armenian Youth Federation of Glendale, CA
    • $300.00 D. Gharabian of Glendale, CA
    • $100.00 The Avanessian's of Glendale, CA
    • $50.00 M. Pockat of Murfreesboro, TN
    • $500.00 The Pollination Project
    • $200.00 H. Sarian of Glendale, CA
    • $200.00 V. Sahakian of Glendale, CA
    • $50.00 E. Seaver of Ridgewood, NJ
    • $25.00 Prance Online of Glendale, CA
    • $200.00 Skyline Financial Corporation of Calabasas, CA
    • $100.00 The Pezeshkian's of Glendale, CA
    • $100.00 The Raymond's of Antioch, TN
    • $100.00 SoCal High School Cycling League of Temecula, CA
    • We still need:  $1,050.00

Three Ways to Give:

  1. Via check. Make check out to The Machao Orphanage Foundation
    and mail to:
    The Machao Orphanage Foundation
    PO Box 3856
    Glendale, CA 91221
  2. -or-

  3. Complete our online donation form and submit your payment details over a secure server.
  4. -or-

  5. Go to You must type in Cayenne Wellness as the name of the charity, and state as CA. From there you will be able to donate. Machao Orphanage Foundation is a subsidiary of Cayenne Wellness Center and Children's Foundation.

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