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Beginning Monday, August 3, 2009 at sunrise, join Dr. Carolyn Rowley as she 'Walks Up California'. Founder of The Machao Orphanage Foundation, a foundation whose mission is to house, educate and feed the orphan children located in Makueni, Kenya East Africa, Dr. Rowley intends to 'Walk Up California' to raise funds to complete the new dormitory structure and to provide a clean water system for these children. What began in 2005 as a desire to serve children [in any capacity] on her birthday, today the needs are clearly demarcated as housing and education, clean water, electricity via solar panels and agricultural sustainability.

Dr. Rowley, an adult person with Sickle Cell Disease1, intends to 'Walk Up California', beginning near the border of California and Mexico. She will 'Walk' as long as it takes to raise the minimum $130,000 needed. Since 2005, the Machao Orphanage Foundation has only been able to raise enough money to halfway complete the new dormitory building. “The time has come for the orphan children of Makueni to rest their body in an enclosed structure, safe and secure and not open to all the elements”, states Dr. Rowley. “Would you want anything less for your child[ren]?” According to Dr. Joseph Mutunga, Machao Orphanage's Kenyan liaison, “The longer it takes to build, the more expensive it becomes. The cost of building materials continue to rise and can be seen even here in Kenya.” $30,000 US Dollars is what it would take to complete the new dormitory building. As for the clean water system, bids are only estimable at this time. Since engineers charge by the meter, there is really no way to know. Dr. Rowley has received bids that indicate a minimum of $100,000 US Dollars to begin the water project.

Given her medical condition and in an effort to raise the funds in a short period of time, she and Machao's volunteer team is hoping that their will be a groundswell of supporters around the U.S. By her having Sickle Cell Disease, she has to be mindful of not becoming dehydrated or over exerting herself as this can lead to what's known as a 'sickle cell pain episode'. Dr. Rowley is asking that every Kenyan living in the U.S. and every adult that was adopted as a child participate in the campaign. She believes, even during these tough economic times, that everyone reading or hearing about this campaign will be able to give the minimum $5.00 and others, a little more. The minimum donation via PayPal or Network for Good is $10.00, if you choose to go online. The volunteer team at the Machao Orphanage Foundation is asking everyone to give a minimum of $5.00 - to give up one cup of coffee. Perhaps one can choose to give up coffee for the week or for the duration of the walk and send in their proceeds.

$5.00 is what they are asking for. Less than a cup of coffee.
$5.00 is what they need to help house the children of Makueni, Kenya EAST AFRICA.
$5.00 can be the difference in a child's life.

To donate:
(1) You can use your credit card and donate via Paypal on the website at: If you choose this method, the credit card minimum is $10.00.
(2) You can use your credit card and donate at the Network for Good site at: If you go to this site, you must type in Cayenne Wellness Center as the name of the charity, and the state as CA. From there, you will be able to donate. Machao Orphanage Foundation is a subsidiary of Cayenne Wellness Center and Children's Foundation.
(3) You can send a check made payable to The Machao Orphanage Foundation and mail it to: The Machao Orphanage Foundation • P.O. Box 3856 • Glendale, CA 91221. Check minimum is $5.00.
(4) You can drop off cash (we will provide you with a receipt) at our Burbank location.Call us at: 818 377 5120 to set up an appointment to come by.

For more information about The Machao Orphanage Foundation or to follow along the “Walk Up California” Campaign, go to their website at The volunteer staff will be using Twitter, Facebook, blogging on the web and other social media to keep everyone up to date.

For more information about Sickle Cell Disease, go to these websites:, under Resources, Newsletter No 6. The Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California

Dr. Rowley is the group leader for several sickle cell adult support groups in Los Angeles. For a group location near you, call 818 377 5120 or email She is also Founder of Cayenne Wellness and Children's Foundation, owner of Gilderfluke & Co., Inc. and author of Creating Your Ultimate Self: The Body.

1 Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder that affects the red blood cells. September is National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month and this September, 2009, Dr Rowley, along with three other core leaders, are putting on a rally, gala fundraising event, seminars and picnic around Los Angeles and Los Angeles county spreading the word about sickle cell with their Second Annual - Unveil Sickle Cell Campaign.

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