Our Mission

The Machao Orphanage Foundation is dedicated to assisting the orphaned and impoverished children of Makueni, Kenya by providing shelter, food, clothing and an education through the support of well wishers all over the world.

Strategic Plan I (2005 - 2015): Foundation

Phase I:  New dormitory, kitchen and lavatory to accommodate 100 children. Completed, August 2009.

Phase II:  Clean water system. Completed November, 2010.

Phase III:  Solar panels. Completed August, 2011.

Phase IV:  

 — Agricultural sustainability (Greenhouse, Chicken Coop and 100 chickens). Completed August 2012.

 — Agricultural sustainability (Solar Irrigation). Completed August 2015.

Love-A-Child Program:  On-going. We need supporters to provide for the educational needs of the children.

Strategic Plan II (2015 - 2025): Impact

The goal for the next ten years is to create a ‘home environment’ for the children of MACHAO; to be completely sustainable and self-sufficient.

Project 5 - Housing.  MACHAO currently resides on 7 acres. We desire to build 8 homes which will utilize 2 acres; the remaining 5 acres will be dedicated to agricultural sustainability. We are still gathering numbers as to what it will cost to build the 8 homes. Each home will accommodate 10 children thereby doubling the size of MACHAO from 40 children to 80 children. Stay tuned for more details.

Project 6 - Agricultural Sustainability.  We want to be completely self-sufficient with food by year 2025. Each home will be given .25 acres for housing and planting food. The remaining 5 acres will be dedicated to sustainability.

Project 7 - Education and the Love-A-Child Program.  We are determined to make sure that each child — current and the additional 40 — will each have a sponsor. It costs $1,200 per year to sponsor one child. We need partners from around the world to assist us with this effort.

Project 8 - Hygiene.  After 10 years, we have determined that it is best to purchase certain items locally and we know which items we can collect and bring with us. Items to purchase in Kenya once we arrive are:  Shoes, lotion, soap. Items to collect here in the US to travel with us:  sanitary napkins, wash cloths, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

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