Our History

MACHAO was founded by seven Christians of the Africa Inland Church within Wote Division in Makueni District. These seven persons wished to uphold their faith by doing good deeds. The infected HIV/AIDs population of the community was rendered poor by the infection. The church felt concerned, but due to the poverty strain of the members of the church and the scarcity of resources, the group decided to forge ahead single-handed to assist the few children they could afford to accommodate with their resources.

MACHAO acquired a plot from the Government to put up the home for the children in 1997. The home has adequate land where subsistence farming (crop cultivation) is also being done to sustain the orphans.

In July 2005, Dr. Carolyn Rowley was introduced to the orphanage via Greater Heights Baptist Church located in Los Angeles, California. Greater Heights Baptist Church supports the missionary efforts of Joseph Mutunga and his family. Dr. Mutunga is one of the seven initial supporters of MACHAO. After Dr. Rowley’s first trip to the orphanage, an assessment was made as to the children’s need. In March 2007, Dr. Rowley formed the Machao Orphanage Foundation (a non profit organization) dedicated to supporting the efforts of the seven supporters, and the needs of the orphaned and impoverished children.

The Machao Orphanage Foundation is now a non profit organization in both Kenya and the U.S.A. Funding will support:

  • Housing: The construction of a girls dorm, boys dorm, dining hall, kitchen, latrines and bath house. Completed August, 2009.
  • Water: Construction of a clean water system. Completed November, 2010.
  • Solar Panels (electricity). Completed August, 2011.
  • FOOD: Sustainable Agriculture (greenhouse and chicken shed with 100 chickens). Completed in August 2012.
  • A child’s education. The children in the orphanage are required to attend school. Participating in our ‘Love-a-Child’ program will support the purchase of a child’s uniform, tuition, fees, books, and school supplies.
  • Toiletries, clothing and medical supplies.
  • Personnel. Currently, MACHAO has one house mother (matron) and a watchman. As the number of children grow, the orphanage will need at least one more matron and another watchman.

Today, the Machao Orphanage Foundation continues to raise awareness and money for the clean water system and educational support for the children.

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